Smart Manufacturing Intro

Showcasing ACB research outcomes with a Capstone Project on Smart Manufacturing. The following motivating application scenarios explain how the ACM technologies may be integrated.
Scene 1: Each worker is equipped with a smart drone the follows its master to ensure his/her safety and to provide just-in-time assistance.
Scene 2: Drones team up to patrol the factory floor to reduce hazardous conditions.

Scene 3: Augmented sensing/communication to enhance human-machine interaction.
Scene 4: Augmented sensing/cognition using wearable and ambient sensors to enable qualified well-beings of both humans and machines (e.g. predictive maintenance).
Scene 5: Augmented collective beings enable decentralized manufacturing at distributed locations to optimize resource utilization.

Scene 6: Intelligent agents as distributed apprentices who observe and learn from skills workers during the manufacturing processes.

Scene 7: Intelligent agents as machine coaches who supervise and provide assistance novice workers on the assembly lines.

Scene 8: ACB enables extended (with augmented reality) agents for immersive teleoperations with augmented sensing and control.

 The capstone project is focusing on data collection, knowledge transfer, and machine learning for the distributed apprentice and machine coach in the human-machine learning scenario.