Company:Intel Corporation


Job Description:

Looking for a undergraduate/graduate intern to support Intel's x86 Switch Platform Software API (drivers) and boot loader. The individual will be responsible for Intel's x86 Switch Software API (platform-dependent) and boot loader's issues' identification and reproduction. He/she will be working closely with internal technical support and development teams located both in Taiwan and in the U.S., and also with external customers (mostly local). 

Job discription:
1.Planning and development of new services.
2.Improvement and operation of our current services
3.Management of new projects

Job discription:Interns will attend lectures for the first five days, learning about the company, its management style, global vision,and technological innovation. For the remaining five days, each intern will choose a specific field of interest andcarry out related fieldwork. Interns will also have the opportunity to visit various facilities and sites.

Company overview:Since our establishment in 2007, Fourth Valley Concierge has been offering Global RecruitmentConsulting Services, Global Market Services, and promotion of International Exchange with thevision to become a hub for international mobility.We have a rich network of top global talents from students to alumni, cultivated through ourrelationships with more than 700 high-ranking universities around the world (as of May 2012), andthrough referrals from the talents themselves. We offer solutions for various obstacles thatcompanies may face in the course of globalization, including recruitment strategies, languagebarriers, market research, promotion, sales, and so on.Fourth Valley Concierge will continue to be “Innovative, Global, and Contributing to the Society” tosupport the challenge of young talents around the world.


-You are current a student of Computer engineering/Computer science department/undergraduate school.
-Familiar of Programing in Linux environment.
-Familiar on operation in Linux environment.
-Read/write capability in English.
-Aggressive working altitude/Good communication skill.

Company: Intel Labs, Intel Corporation

Job Description:
Looking for a graduate intern who is good at hands on with strong computer vision and machine learning background, especially object recognition. The intern will be responsible for developing and prototyping end-to-end object recognition systems, and will work closely with Intel Labs researchers in both Taiwan and the US.

Position: Technical Consulting Engineer (CG)

Intel® Galileo is an Arduino-compatible application development board based on Intel® Quark X1000 SoC, which is a 32-bit Pentium-class application processor. The hardware and software compatibilities to Arduino shields design makes Galileo a rapid prototyping platform for innovative algorithms and techniques. A light weight Yocto Project Linux was also released to run on Galileo; however, due to the nature of the light weight OS, the functions available are limited.

  The Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center (Intel-NTU Center) is a world-class research center sponsored by Intel Corporation, the National Science Council (Taiwan) and National Taiwan University. The Intel-NTU Center focuses its efforts on key technologies for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IOT) applications. It is internationally renowned as an M2M platform developer innovating leading-edge M2M technologies to facilitate human well-being with academic impact, industrial value, and social care.


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