2013 Summer Research Internship Program on Machine-to-Machine Technologies

星期一, 七月 1, 2013 - 08:00 to 星期五, 八月 30, 2013 - 08:00
Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center



Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center (Intel-NTU Center) in National Taiwan University is a world-class research institute, sponsored by Intel, National Science Council and National Taiwan University, with the objective of exploring future Machine-to-Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.


Intel-NTU Center will have an international summer internship program in the coming summer and is looking for full-time graduate or upper-level undergraduate students from all over the world. Priority will be given to applicants with established research experience in related fields and passion for research on wireless sensor platforms, M2M/IoT connectivity, M2M/IoT security, big data modeling/analytics associated with smart services and applications, M2M/IoT manageability and other M2M/IoT related topics.


The period of this program is from July 1 to August 30, 2013. We will offer regulated salary and payment for qualified applicants. There are twelve interns from six countries joined this program last year and more than half of them published papers at peer-review conferences at the end of the internship. The interns can not only get involved in leading-edge researches but also make friends from different cultures.



·      February 15: Application opens

·      March 4: Early application deadline

·      March 22: Early acceptance(Extended. The inner evaluation has completed and now waits for NTU's official recognition.)

·      April 8: Final application deadline

·      April 30: Final decisions

·      July 1 to August 30: 9-week internship


The application deadline is April 8, 2013 (**March 4 for earlybirds!**).


For those who are interested in, please pay attention to the following procedures: 

Note that you have to make sure the authenticity of your submitted data. 

1.Application Form. Click here to download.

2.Statement of Purpose (less than 2000 words, no regular form. You may briefly describe your background, previous/current research results (publications) and their relationships to M2M/IoT, which SIG or project of our center you prefer to join, and what do you expect to obtain in this program).

3.Academic Transcript.

4.Letter of Recommendation (for the graduate student, your advisor’s recommendation is necessary).

5.Proof of Student Status.

6.English Certification (for non-native speakers of English only, please submit proof of proficiency in English (e.g. TOEFL, full-time student status in an English-speaking country etc.)).

7.Other Substantial Documents (certifications, awards, practical projects, or anything that can demonstrate your research experience or potential).

You have to prepare all of the above data in the electronic form and zip them (except Letter of Recommendation) into a single file. The name of the file is 2013_internship_yourname.zip. You have to send an email with subject "Apply for 2013 Internship Program-Yourname" and enclose this file to us. Also list your reference in the email.

Please ask your advisor or reference to send the recommendation to event [at] ccc.ntu.edu.tw directly. The subject of the email and recommendation file should include your name. 

All of the required data have to be sent before the deadline and the applicant should strictly follow the above processes


If you have any questions, please contact us: 

E-mail: event [at] ccc.ntu.edu.tw

Phone: +886-2-3366-1475 or +886-2-33661468

Join us! Be prepared for your great opportunity!



Q1:Can you describe the detail of this program? What should I do and what can I obtain?

A1:Each intern will be allocated to a suitable laboratory (according to his/her research direction and interest) headed by the PI of our center and join a project to learn related knowledge and to brainstorm brilliant ideas. Besides, each intern has to sign up in every workday. At end of the program, everyone has to turn in a personal report and take part in a team competition. The one who satisfies basic requirements will obtain a certification. The qualified reports are encouraged to be submitted to compatible journals or conferences and the winner of the team competition will obtain a reward recognized by our center. 

Q2:How about the salary? 

A2:The salary is regulated by NTU's rules, which are mainly according to your degree and the location of your school/institute.

Q3:Should I pay the application fee?

A3:No, the application process is free.

Q4:How can I submit my resume?

A4:Please follow the above indications. Note that all data have to be sent by email unless you encounter serious obstacle (please contact us).

Q5:My major/department is not in M2M/IoT, can I apply for this program?

A5:Your major/department is not the point. What you have known counts. Since this is a research program and only 9-week, we hope each participate can have some idea or even research experience in this field in order to produce practical result at the end.

Q6:I will obtain my bachelor/master degree in this summer, can I apply for it?

A6:Please attach the admission of your higher degree. Otherwise, you have to attach your thesis or future work status (please illustrate its connection to M2M/IoT).

Q7:Is English certification necessary? What is the threshold?

A7:As referred to, you have to co-work with others and English is a necessary communication tool. For the non-English speaker, TOEFL iBT 85, IELTS 7, or TOEIC 785 is a reference for us. You can also present equivalent certification or full-time student status in an English-speaking country.

Q8:Where is the accommodation?

A8:We will reserve NTU student dormitory for each intern. You can also live in other place.

Q9:How about the life in Taipei and Taiwan?

A9:Please refer to Taipei Department of Information and Tourism and Taiwan Tourism Bureau. Also, we will do our best to assist your life in Taiwan.


Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center,

National Taiwan University