[Invited Talk]SDP: Smart Data Pricing from Theorems to Trials

星期二, 六月 25, 2013 -
00:30 to 01:30
Fifty years ago, the transition from voice calls to bursty data traffic justified packet switched networks. As data traffic becomes more heterogeneous today, what are the implications to network architecture? Instead of just counting bytes, SDP manages traffic by treating different bytes differently. SDP can refer to (a) usage pricing like $10/GB, with throttling/booster,  (b) time/location/app/congestion-dependent dynamic pricing, (c) two-sided 1-800 pricing, (d) WiFi offloading/proactive caching, (e) quota-aware content distribution, (f) transaction-based pricing... or any of the above. It can help create happier users, less congestion and better QoE, lower CapEx/OpEx, higher revenue/profit margin, less churn, more consumption, and more ad revenue. But it also requires smart interfaces among pipe providers and content/app providers, and a combination of fundamental research, systems implementation, and user trials. This talk summarizes what we learned about the win-win that awaits the whole ecosystem.
Mung Chiang is a Professor of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University. His research on networking received the Alan T. Waterman Award (2013), the IEEE Kiyo Tomiyasu Award (2012), a PECASE (2008), young investigator awards from NSF, ONR and Princeton, and several paper awards including the IEEE INFOCOM Best Paper Award (2012). A TR35 Award recipient (2007), he founded the Princeton EDGE Lab in 2009 where fundamental research has lead to a few commercial adoptions. He was elected an IEEE Fellow in 2012. His undergraduate course became a MOOC in 2012 with 65,000 students. The corresponding textbook, “Networked Life: 20 Questions and Answers,” received the PROSE Award in Engineering and Technology (2012) from AAP. He founded the non-profit online education platform “3 Nights and Done” (3ND), “flipped” classroom at Princeton, and chaired the Committee on Classroom Design. His education activities received the Frederick Terman Award (2013) from ASEE. He initiated a Network Optimization workshop series and the Smart Data-Pricing (SDP) industry forums, and co-chaired the US NITRD Workshop on Complex Engineered Networks. He currently serves as an IEEE Communications Society Distinguished Lecturer and the Chairman of the founding steering committee of the new IEEE TNSE.