NTU X Stanford Design Thinking Workshop Finishes Up with A Perfect Ending!

    On May 23 and 24, the Intel-NTU Connected Context Computing Center and Stanford d.school organized the NTU X Stanford Design Thinking Workshop, attracting more than 200 applicants from a variety of departments and schools. Sixty outstanding students were selected to come to the fore.

    In the workshop, the Stanford design thinking toolkit were introduced to the students via a series of well-designed lectures and activities. The workshop leader, Alec Walker, encouraged the students to utilize the methods and mindset to change their life, enjoying the lifetime takeaways.
The workshop leader, Alec Walker (Stanford MBA & d.school).
The instructor emphasizes on an interactive practice to share ideas with students.
    The NTU X Stanford Design Thinking Workshop finishes up with a perfect ending. It encouraged the students to make good use of school resources and to carry out more creative solutions to problems they are facing. Moreover, we look forward to deeper and broader interdisciplinary collaboration to innovate a brand-new vision.