Autonomous Reconfigurable Connectivity(SIGARC)

 SIG Chair, Prof. Kwang-Cheng Chen

In future M2M technologies, the problem of insufficient bandwidth must be addressed, because trillions of machines will be connected and will share the same limited bandwidth. Therefore, a technology that allows machines to autonomously find and use idle bands is required. In addition, while some devices are fixed, others may be moving at very high speeds. Providing connectivity for such devices remains a challenge. Therefore, the SIGARC, for autonomous reconfigurable connectivity, aims to develop technology that facilitates M2M communication between moving vehicles as shown in Figure 6. The following research projects are being conducted: 

Based on the information fusion concept, this project aims to develop networks that support a very large number of devices without requiring additional infrastructure, where spectrum sharing is used to solve the spectrum shortage problem.

The SEE-M2M project aims to enable energy-saving M2M communication. Cross-layer optimization for energy-harvesting M2M devices will also be investigated.


Figure 6. Autonomous reconfigurable connection.