Focus Group

  Intelligent Transportation System Focus Group

        In this project, our goal is to develop a context-based micro-navigation system, which will provide instructions, such as changing left/right lane or speed-up/down, so that the driver can increase his safety margin to avoid a potential traffic hazard, while improving his driving efficiency to avoid traffic jam.  To provide such micro-navigation service, the system needs to combine different technologies from various expertises, including M2M observations, distributed learning, and anticipatory reasoning.


Intelligent Care Services Focus Group

As IoT becomes a reality due to the introduction and adoption of many new sensor-driven, network-connected, control-enabled digital-physical-integrated products in the past few years, the ways in which we experience and interact with the world are changing fast. From wearable devices to autonomous robots, IoT devices and applications are being adopted that allow day-to-day, minute-to-minute decisions to be made adaptively “on the edge” - at the point where digital and physical worlds converge - rather than in a pre-defined manner. These decisions can be made exactly when they’re needed in informed, proactive, caring ways, allowing users to be assisted by simple actions, and protected from undesirable outcomes when engaging their daily functions and activities. 

It is the goal of the Intelligent Care Service Focus Group to design and implement a capstone project which can be used to integrate the innovations from individual projects in the center, and to explore new application domains that will provide human users the kind of care that are either impossible to do without the new technology, or greatly enhanced with both intelligence and accuracy to make the care much more desirable.