Main Achievement: 

Our earlier studies have demonstrated how to apply WuKong middleware [3] for large scale distributed IoT system for fire evacuation in public buildings. This system determines a best evacuation path from sensing data collected by distributed IoT sensors, and indicates that path by electronic evacuation signs commanded by multiple IoT devices.

In this project, we would like to extend the capability of existing middleware by supporting mobile sensing devices which can collect data and provide instructions at various locations and contexts. Therefore, we are building in-door drones (currently CrazyFlie) and robots (possibly Asus Zenbo or something smaller) that can be used in smart factory and office. Currently, we have used a drone to enhance previous demo. The revamped demo is called “FireDrone”, which presents drone as a guardian angel that can patrol, guard and guide. 

Quantitative Impact:

1. In a smart building, factory or warehouse, FireDrone can be used to detect, report and lead humans from dangerous locations.

2. Drone for safety patrol: flying along a pre-defined patrol path, with flashing yellow lights. It will stop when a fire is detected.

3. Drone as warning guard: It will warn any user to stay away the dangerous location, by flying up and down, flashing red lights at the location.

4. Drone as safety guide: It is designed to lead a user away from dangerous location to a safe location, by flying in front of the user with flashing green lights, moving in front of a user with a safe distance. 

End Goal:

With the technique of controlling mobile sensing devices and dynamic DEC middleware, we can collaborate with other projects of the IoX center to form a complete sensing system. 



 [3] https://newslabntu.github.io/wukong4iox/

 (Updated in Aug, 2017)