Spiral Networking

PI: Prof. Kwang-Cheng Chen

Intel Champion: Dr. Yen-KuangChen


The goal of project CIFI and SNis to studyeffective communications in ma-chine swarm of cloud based environments asFigure shown. More precisely,CIFIde-velops spectral efficient communication and networkingamongnumerousmachinesto enable cyber-physical systems, usinginformation fusion, inference, andcoopera-tive multi-hop networking, underpossible spectrum sharing environments.


Under this challengingscenario, weexplore fundamental technologyincluding


n   Spectrum sharingmulti-hop cooperative networking: Underlarge number ofmachines, spectrum sharingwould beneeded. With priorityamongheterogene-ous systems/networks, westudy cognitive radio networks. Without priorityamongheterogeneous systems/networks, we studyspectrum sharingheteroge-neous networking.

n   Usinginformation fusion and inference toestablish spectrum map to enablemul-ti-hop networkingin machine swarm: To avoid communication overheadand todetermine the optimal routes, we need the knowledge of radiochannelconditionsthat can beprovided byestablishinga spectrum map. The spectrum map indi-cates the average channelqualities (radio powerorinterference level) at differentlocations. Several innovative approaches havebeen considered: compressivesensing, tomography,and heterogeneous information fusion and inference(HIFI).

n   Traffic reduction: To analyze how much trafficcan be reduced byfusingdataorinferringinformation from multiple machines at various points alongpotential


 M2M transmissionroutesthatare determined inTargetA. The“coding”part isto reduce therate of informationflow ateach node byconsideringthe correlationamonginformationflowsfromother  nodeswithintransmissionrange.The“for-ward” part is to choose the optimal next hop (and thus the optimalroute) suchthat the aggregate rateofinformationflows is minimized.


n   Sociallyenabled heterogeneous networking architectureand algorithms: To re-solvethe scalabilityof adhoc networking, we investigate thepossibilitytoachieve multi-hop networkingof large numberofmachines under delaycon-straints and QoS requirements. Proper networkingalgorithms with abovegoalsare expectedas the finalproject outputs.