Social Computing: Supporting Grounding in Distributed Communication with Attention Monitoring and Management

PI: Hao-Chuan Wang (National Tsing Hua University)

Champion: Saurav Sahay (Intel) 

Projective Objective:

Currently we have identified concrete design and technology development opportunities for using IoT technologies as the basis to augment people’s abilities to externalize and internalized work knowledge in physical task domains for better knowledge transfer. We have completed an initial qualitative study to identify user needs in this context, built a working, functional prototype, and conducted an pilot study to examine the feasibility of IoT-based Knowledge Keeping and Knowledge Transfer. We have provided a proof-of-concept, which opens up a space of research and design for the next step.

We have discussed extensively with our collaborators at Intel as well as members of the NTU IoX Center. We have decided to strengthen the collaboration with another project of center, MidasTouch. Next we’ll plan and initiate a new user study that would help us identify specific feedback types and designs that would best leverage the distributed nature of work knowledge for the purpose of knowledge capture, store, share and transfer. We also plan to work closely with MidasTouch to borrow their experience and expertise on the design of on-body interfaces for information input and display. (updated in Feb, 2017)